September 2016 Snowflaking

Happy September! Here we go!

Navient Minimum Payment & Additional Payment

Mintly Navient Loans

  • $81.13 – minimum payment we sent
    • 73% – amount that went to principal (last month: 72%)
    • 27% – amount that went to interest (last month: 28%)
  • $35 – extra sent to Navient (this is a budgeted amount we send to keep our payment to Navient the same as it was before they lowered my minimum payment)
    • 98% – amount that went to principal*
    • 2% – amount that went to interest
  • $9,127.45 – balance (last month: $9,231.26)

*So, funny story – apparently the minimum payment that Navient is now asking me to pay ($81.13) doesn’t actually cover the entire interest that is due, so even when I make my additional payment of $35, there’s still interest to pay! The other option is that somehow the payment isn’t going through quickly enough and interest has already accrued since the minimum payment. However, in August when I did this same process, I paid additional payment the SAME DAY and was still charged interest (which, honestly, I did not note because it was so weird… but now it’s a thing, apparently).

Citibank Card (no-interest until August 2017)

  • $1,157.75 – payment we sent
  • $5,377.62 – balance (last month: $6,634.37)

Snowflaking/Savings Breakdown: $2,022.68 (half sent to debt, half put into savings)

  • $56 – Swagbucks (<– referral link)
  • $44.41 – money that I was supposed to send to the dentist bill from our sinking fund but I never transferred the money to our checking account… and so it gets to be put into our savings/debt eradication!
  • $50 – American Express Dollars
  • $2,022.68 – money from our paychecks that was budgeted for savings/debt eradication
  • $69 – H’s side hustle
  • $13.30 – Pact app

Current total debt: $14,505.08 (last month: $15,865.63)

  • Citibank (H’s loans): $5,377.62
  • Navient (my loans): $9,127.45


I feel like there are a hella lotta goals in my life (well, my husband’s, daughter’s, and my lives, that is) and I’m getting overwhelmed with trying to achieve all of the goals. How strong is a goal of buying a house this year? How strong is our goal to pay off our debt as soon as possible? Some goals HAVE to take precedence or it takes forever to achieve them (witness our slowly growing savings fund and our slowly diminishing debt). I know we could do one or the other a lot more quickly if we could focus everything on one goal, but it’s difficult when you don’t know when the right house might come on the market. We are definitely in a period of transition, and at some point, either a house will show up and be THE ONE or we will get our debt paid off and also have a good sizable chunk of cash for aiding in a house purchase. It’s just hard to see things moving so slooooowly now. If I recognize that period of transition though, maybe I can be a turtle, if it means we win the race!


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