May 2016 Recap


Each month I review how we did on our budget, whether we made our snowflaking goal, and how much we brought in consigning. That debt is going DOWN.

H just got his contract and we sent a big chunk of our “Oh $hit” fund to his loans! I blogged about it yesterday, but the big changes won’t be reflected here, as those big changes happened in June. ūüôā

May 2016 Budget Recap РHow We Did

screenshot 3.png

Food¬†–¬†I was optimistic that we could make this work, but my parents are visiting and we had to stock up on some items that we don’t normally have. We also took them to dinner.

Home Services¬†–¬†Apparently we are just going to be a month behind on this (for lawn mowing) but they haven’t even billed us for May yet, so I fear we will get hit with a big bill in June!

Slush¬†–¬†We just had a few extra items that came up, including parking for L’s ballet recital, H’s haircut, pedicure with friends, and shipping a few gifts out for family.

Month-to-Month Progress:

screenshot 10.png

How far we have come:

screenshot 9

May 2016 Snowflaking

As a reminder, our goal for each month is to snowflake at least $239 to pay off¬†H’s student loans by February 2017. (For more on our goals, see this.)

We snowflaked an extra student loan payment of $2,341.46 (including a budgeted amount of $1492) in May. Read more in the snowflaking post I did for May.

May 2016 Consignment

  • $0 (May)
  • $0 (April)
  • $51.98 (March)
  • $6.96 (February)
  • $64.66 (January)

$26 is just sitting at the consignment store, waiting for us to pick it up! I have more to drop off as well, but the past two months have been too busy to get there. Hoping we get there later in June.

Other Money Details

  • H got a reimbursement check for more than expected for his work trips back in February, so that check helps cover a few of the other expenses incurred on that trip, thankfully. We put about $300+ of it to paying off credit card debt that we had taken on (though we pay it off each month) and then $600 to his work sinking fund so that there will be some cash in there for the next time he takes a work trip.
  • H won an award at work (woohoo! he’s so awesome!), and it comes with a check for $1,000 (though I’m sure taxes will be taken out)! Par for the course, he has not yet received the check, and I’ve been nagging him about nagging the powers that be to get it to him. He’s done just about all he can at this point. Jeebus. Well, when it does arrive, it will be lovely!
  • As I mentioned above, we’ve taken a good chunk of money over the past two days to pay down student loans at Navient. It still leaves us with quite a bit left, and it will still be a stretch to get it paid off by February 2016, but I think it’s possible!

I can’t believe we’re already basically halfway through the year. What?! That’s insane.

I hope, no matter where you are on your personal finance journey, that things are looking up for you, too!

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