You Have to Admit: It’s Getting Better!

I’m so excited to report today that yesterday, I paid off H’s student loans still held at Navient!

Looky, looky!!!

screenshot 5.png

Now, this doesn’t include the $9,000 that we recently transferred to a 0% interest credit card, so we’re not out of the woods yet, but I seriously am SO EXCITED.

Plus, in the best service we’ve ever received from Navient: I made the payment yesterday (online) and it posted TODAY! We didn’t incur any extra interest or anything!

Just to be safe, I removed our bank account information so they couldn’t “accidentally” take another automatic payment (even with a $0 balance) – I guess my prejudice against Navient is showing….

After the $8,874.46 payment posted, I went ahead and used the remainder of our money that we designated for paying student loans for MY loans at Navient. Hopefully it will post tomorrow (that would be kind of amazing) and we’ll see our overall debt drop even more!

The payment I just made on my loans today totals $3,602.77.

For those of you wondering, this money came from our regular snowflaking, plus our “Oh $hit” fund, which we built up when we weren’t sure how H’s job would shake out this spring.

Oh, yes – he finally got his contract back – signed, sealed, and delivered!

(That big whooshing noise you hear is my sigh of relief.)

I’ll do a regular May update soon… but wanted to shout this from the rooftops!

The end is in sight! At this rate, we could even pay off ALL of our loans by February 2016 (it’s still a stretch goal, but it’s possible!!!!).

And yes, I totally did a dance at my desk when I saw that the payment had posted and the accounts said “$0″!

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