April 2016 Recap


Each month I review how we did on our budget, whether we made our snowflaking goal, and how much we brought in consigning. That debt is going DOWN.

H’s job has supposedly been secured, but we still don’t have a contract! I can’t stand it. I’ve heard that HR at H’s institution is notoriously slow and awful, but this is really taking the cake. Way back in January, H said that the job situation would be resolved by May 1st at the very latest….. Well, we can see how that has gone….

April 2016 Budget Recap – How We Did


Food – I planned for a lot this month as we had more eating out in the plans for the month than usual. In addition, I budgeted extra money for groceries because I knew I would be buying stuff for L’s birthday (May 1st!). We are still doing some meal planning – in fact, it’s a lot looser than what I originally started out doing. Now we have some meals we cycle through and then there’s one meal a week that I make that I double and then have food to bring for lunch, etc. The past two weeks have gone a bit closer to the way we used to do things (“What are we having tonight?” “I dunno, what do you want to have tonight?”) than I’d like – gotta get back on the horse there.

Home Services – They have been out to mow the yard but haven’t left us an invoice. So I had budgeted for it, but I had to roll that over into May’s budget because we haven’t paid them yet.

Kid’s Activities – This category included L’s birthday stuff this month because I wasn’t sure how much the location where we booked the party would end up costing us (by the time we figured out how many people would be there). It turned out to be much cheaper but the payment didn’t go through until after month’s end, so I rolled that extra over into May’s budget as well.

Month-to-Month Progress:

screenshot 3.png

How far we have come:

screenshot 4.png

April 2016 Snowflaking

As a reminder, our goal for each month is to snowflake at least $239 to pay off H’s student loans by February 2017. (For more on our goals, see this.)

We snowflaked an extra student loan payment of $3,156.82 in March. Read more in the snowflaking post I did for April.

April 2016 Consignment

  • $0 (April)
  • $51.98 (March)
  • $6.96 (February)
  • $64.66 (January)

There’s about $17 sitting in the account at the consignment store – I just need to get over there and pick it up! Not sure it will happen in May either… busy month!

Other Money Details

  • We have made a couple of decisions that will impact our finances and how we approach our debt. One of the decisions was to use the emergency fund we built up in case H had to find a new job, which I’ve already mentioned before, but there are a couple more things we’ve decided to do that should expedite the repayment of our loans! I’m excited, but would feel so much better if we just had the $)%)^*&#$(*%#$ contract!
  • I’m doing some contract work for a large company in my field, which I’m very excited about! It really doesn’t pay much, but it’s good for our debt repayment AND my career. I’m excited! Each project takes about two weeks, but I’ve only been assigned one project so far. Keeping my fingers crossed that more come my way soon!

Happy May!


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