March 2016 Recap


Each month I review how we did on our budget, whether we made our snowflaking goal, and how much we brought in consigning. That debt is going DOWN.

This month has (well, the last three months have) been tough. H’s job situation has been up and down and for a while there we really thought he wasn’t going to have a job. We’re still in a land of uncertainty for the time being, which has made thinking about money and financials (and anything, really) difficult.

March 2016 Budget Recap – How We Did

screenshot 3.png

Something weird happened with Mint this month. For some reason, our credit union expenses sometimes came up as income instead of expenses. I don’t know why this happened, and to be honest, I’m not in a place where I care too much. It makes things look weird, but it’s not enough for me to pursue it. The last time I removed the credit union accounts from Mint to try to fix something, I lost a good chunk of our past records, so… not doing that again.

Meal Planning – Originally I planned a big post on this to tell you how I did. The end result is that while I still went over budget, we did spend less on groceries than we have in the past 12 months. That’s still a win. The problem was that when I budget, I budget to 0. That means that I didn’t allow any wiggle room on the budget (all the money that used to be allocated to food went elsewhere). So we overspent the budget, and that affected the rest of the budget as well. It was a tough month.

Month-to-Month Progress:


How far we have come:

screenshot 2

(Edit: as a reminder, the total debt listed for 2014 is confusing because there is no longer listed all of the credit cards and car loan that we had at that time in this chart – I really need to find a better way of sharing this info, as this makes the math look totally weird.)

March 2016 Snowflaking

As a reminder, our goal for each month is to snowflake at least $239 to pay off H’s student loans by February 2017. (For more on our goals, see this.)

We snowflaked an extra student loan payment of $3,156.82 in March. Read more in the snowflaking post I did last month.

March 2016 Consignment

  • $51.98 (March)
  • $6.96 (February)
  • $64.66 (January)

Pretty good for this month! Looks like I’ll have at least $11 for April, though I may not get there to get it and drop off more things this month.

Other Money Details

  • Once H and I talk about how things are going in the job world and things get resolved, we may be able to send the Job Emergency Fund money (almost $6,000) to his loans. I’m hoping that can happen this month. If not, it’ll be okay. I’m doing my best to let things go that I can’t control and that aren’t as important as family and friends and love.
  • Our Sinking fund took a huge hit in March to pay for H’s work trip (that he may or may not be reimbursed for, sigh).
  • Looking ahead in April, we will not be able to send our regular extra budgeted payment of $1500 to H’s loans. We had to use some of it to replenish the sinking fund, and we also had to put aside money for a repair on something related to H’s work ($500-ish) and pay credit card bills incurred from his business trip. I’m still hustling on Swagbucks and trying to snowflake all I can to be able to still send something substantial this month, but I’m only up to about $250. Ergh.

I’m hopeful that things will be looking up soon – it’s just a difficult time right now for our family. I know we’ll be okay, but it’s taking an emotional toll on all of us. I hope you have a great April! 🙂