Mintly Goals 2015: Recap

Happy New Year!

As everyone does around this time of year, I sat down to review how we did in meeting the 2015 Mintly Goals set about a year ago. H & I are already well on our way to having our 2016 Mintly Goals worked out, but I haven’t written that post yet!

I’m excited that, overall, we met our goal, and in fact were able to do even better than I had hoped for. While the tax return didn’t come through for us, I hadn’t actually incorporated an estimate (on the return I hoped we’d get) into the goal numbers, so it didn’t adversely affect us.

One thing that was unexpectedly good for our debt eradication this year was my beginning the KonMari process (see my posts on this beginning here). We cleared out a lot of unwanted, unused, and unloved items: kids’ stuff, clothes, toys, my clothes, H’s clothes, kitchen stuff, random house decor, jewelry, accessories, linens, dinnerware, you name it – we donated or consigned it! My goal was always to consign before donation, but even when items had to be donated, I kept track of them on the ItsDeductible app, and I have high hopes that the $1200+ it claims we’ll get back on our taxes (you read that right – we donated over $3,000 worth of stuff, the last time I checked) will come through for us! Anyway, we were able to snowflake extra funds that way, and I picked up consignment checks once a month for 10 months out of the year!

Another unanticipated help was re-joining Swagbucks (<– referral link) in September 2015. So far, I’ve made at least $250 (maybe more by now?) and every little bit goes towards our student loans!

So – onto the goal recap!

Last Year’s Mintly Goals

  1. Put a scheduled $8316 extra towards our student loans (in addition to our minimum monthly payment of $506). – SUCCESSFUL
  1. Split tax refund 60% (debt eradication), 30% (savings), 10% (spending money). – NOT SUCCESSFUL (we got nothing back on our taxes for 2014!)
  1. Pay an additional $3150 to our student loan debt, beginning in June or July 2015. – SUCCESSFUL
  • This refers to the $450 we paid on the Citibank card. When the card was paid off, that money was then snowballed into other debt.
  1. Snowflake at LEAST $600 ($50/month) extra towards our Student Loan Debt Eradication fund. – SUCCESSFUL (We snowflaked  $4,4870.02!)

Of course, these were all just parts of the same goal, which was basically:

Decrease our Student Loan balance by $18,138. – SUCCESSFUL (We decreased our Student Loan balance by $20,445!)

How was your 2015? Do you have big plans for 2016? We do…. hooooo boy, do we ever! Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Mintly Goals 2015: Recap

  1. Belinda says:

    Awesome achievements! Congratulations! Goodluck with all of your 2016 goals. Looking forward to hearing about them.

    We did extremely well with our financial goals last year….and it is so exciting finalising this year’s goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, and thank you again! So glad to hear about your success with your 2015 financial goals – feels sooo good, doesn’t it?! Would love to hear about your 2016 goals, too! (Always good to have friends with the similar goals to cheer each other on….)


  2. Belinda says:

    It does feel great! Last year, we paid off a loan that we had with a family member, so now we want to focus on building up our savings and also, more aggressively paying off our mortgage.

    Our financial goals for 2016 are:

    To pay an extra $1000 (Australian dollar) per month to our mortgage payment, in addition to the regular payment.

    Build up our emergency fund to $10,000. ( our stretch goal is to get to $15-20,000). We got the emergency fund to $4,000 by the end of 2015, so still quite a way to go!😀).
    Goodluck! I’m sure that we will both ‘slay many financial dragons’ this year!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is SO awesome that you are working hard to pay down your mortgage. We are also working to build up our emergency fund – we used to just have about $1000 and be content with that, but once it got higher, I realized how much better I felt about it. We have discussed using part of that savings to pay down our student loans, but I just can’t quite let go of that cushion.

      I look forward to hearing more about how your debt smack-down goes this year!


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