November 2015 Recap

Welcome to the November 2015 Accountability & Budget Recap post!

I know it’s late, but… better late than never!

This post is broken into two sections: Budget and Debt Eradication.

Budget Accountability for November 2015:

screenshot 5.png


  • We saved money on home services this month – they didn’t cut our grass at all (too bad it needs it now…)
  • Bills and utilities came in under budget again, which is nice!
  • We overestimated on gas expenses for the month, which was nice.


  • We had more slush fund spending this month than anticipated – we bought tickets to two events, which I don’t regret at all and am even considering writing into the budget next year!
  • Restaurants were tough because we did spend quite a bit of money when we went out for our Thanksgiving family meal (on the Saturday after Thanksgiving) – I just estimated low, I think.

Total Debt Eradication for October 2015: $861

screenshot 6
Debt Eradication:
  • $577.22 extra payment sent to Loan 1 & Loan 2 (This wasn’t as big as usual because we put a good chunk into savings instead of sending it to Debt Eradication. This money came from snowflaking and the little bit of money we had left over beyond $5000 from our paychecks.)

screenshot 7.png

November 2015 Net Income: $2,840.22 

Snowflaking: $412.63 (all of this went into our Student Loan Debt Eradication Fund – if it was prior to the middle of the month, it became part of the big supplemental payment we made; if it was after the middle of the month, it’s still hanging out in the account to be used in the following month)

  • $20.68 – Pact (<– not a referral link) via PayPal
  • $15.20Ebates (<– referral link, but it’s totally awesome!)  via PayPal
  • $50 – reimbursement for Mom for clothing for L
  • $100Swagbucks (<– referral link, but it’s totally awesome!) via PayPal
  • $211 – H’s side hustle
  • $.33 – interest
  • $15.42 – consignment

2015 Consigning Totals: 
I’m curious about how much we will make in one year by consigning our clothing and L’s old toys at my favorite consigning store (and any other sales, if I decide to participate). 
  • $0 (January)
  • $56 (February) – yeah!
  • $20 (March) – woot!
  • $80.31 (April) – yay!
  • $44.20 (May) – whee!
  • $20 (June) – woohoo!
  • $12.82 (July) – what what!
  • $60.35 (August) – wowie zowie! (can you see that I’m running out of imagination on my happy exclamations?)
  • $44.48 (September) – good golly!
  • $40.16 (October) – yippee!
  • $15.42 (November) – hurrah!

2015 Consigning total so far: $393.74

2015 Mintly Snowflaking Goal Progress:

My goal originally was to snowflake at least $50 per month, for a yearly total of $600. As you can see, we’ve done quite a bit better than that:
  • $110.01 (January)
  • $929.75 (February)
  • $649.58 (March)
  • $534.50 (April)
  • $289.84 (May)
  • $273.91 (June)
  • $292.02 (July)
  • $430.55 (August)
  • $539.38 (September)
  • $288.27 (October)
  • $412.63 (November)

2015 Snowflaking total so far: $4,462.17

To see more 2015 Mintly Goals, please click here.

Life Accomplishments this Month:

  • We spent a truly lovely day with H’s family after Thanksgiving (which allowed us to spend Thanksgiving on our own in a very quiet way, which was also lovely)!
  • Got a bunch of Christmas shopping done… which is why the slush fund went so far over….
  • I keep on clearing things out and finding things I can take to consign or to donate (ka-ching on the ItsDeductible app!).

TL;DR: Same old, same old – looking forward to December! We have some bonuses coming in (fingers crossed) and the checks from my Citibank experiment should be coming in to send on to Navient to send another big payment to our student loans!


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