Ms. Mintly Does KonMari: Part 3

To see previous installations of this series, click here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

You’ve seen my KonMari journey through clothes, shoes, and books. Now it’s time to go through my next step (which is, admittedly, out of order): jewelry!

This might seem like a straightforward step for some of you – but I had quite a bit going on here:

  • My own jewelry
  • My mother-in-law’s jewelry (she passed away a couple of years ago)
  • The fact that jewelry seems very tied up with the concept of “sentimental,” and sentimental items, or “mementos,” are meant to be handled at the very end of the KonMari process. When you come across sentimental items of other categories, you might deal with them then, or you can choose to deal with them later – I decided to deal with them right then so I could feel a sense of peace and completion.

Drawers full of my late mother-in-law’s jewelry

The drawers you see pictured above were full of all kinds of jewelry: pins, woven Native American necklaces, pearls that have been passed down from her mother and grandmother, sentimental items (Boy Scout pins from when my husband and his brothers were young, for example), costume jewelry (SO MUCH COSTUME JEWELRY), and a few items that do seem like they might be worth something. I should say that when my mother-in-law passed away, her children and grandchildren did choose items they wished to keep (including me), and I was left in charge of the remaining items (to sell or give away). Now I’m finally getting around to it…

It took me about 3 hours to sort through all of the jewelry (including mine), which was about what I expected, given how much jewelry was crammed into those drawers.


Clip-on earrings to donate – lots!

The most time-consuming part was actually trying to determine what to save to try to sell, and what to just give away. Some of it I just ended up needing to put back in the drawers so that I can take the time later to research it. I do plan to take some of the items I know are worth something to a friend of a friend who can give me a general appraisal (I hope it works out, anyway – won’t see him until Christmas, which is a long time to hold on to these items that I’d really like to see move on), and I’m attempting to consign some of the other pieces (that may be worth a little bit of something).


A small portion of the huge amount of jewelry to sort…. (I also tried to clean up some of it as I went, which is why you can see the Jewelry Wipes there.)

However, I ended up with a TON of jewelry to donate, and not just my mother-in-law’s – I have finally decided to let go of earrings that are pretty but I just never wear (they’re taking up too much space on my dresser and I’m DONE with them), necklaces that served their purpose at the time but now should move on, and jewelry that people have given me that I don’t really need to think about anymore (coughex-boyfriendscough). It felt so good to put it in ziplock bags and add it to the Goodwill pile.

I do have to admit that I found a few more pieces of my mother-in-law’s that I decided to keep (one for me, and a couple for L, when she’s older). Since I purged so many of my own items, though, I don’t feel bad about it. I’d rather have a few pieces of meaningful jewelry than a bunch of stuff I don’t ever wear.


Jewelry to consign

I did this about three weeks ago, and honestly, I don’t miss anything I’ve removed! Plus, yesterday morning, my eyes rested on a few pairs of earrings that made the cut the first time, but really shouldn’t have. I picked them up and put them straight into the Goodwill pile. I think I’m really getting the hang of this thing! 🙂

I haven’t seen any sales from the jewelry I consigned yet – it takes them a while to process new drop-offs, and you’re only allowed to consign 10 pieces of jewelry at a time (and I had WAAAAY more than that, as you can see by the picture above). So, it will take me a while to get through all of it (and, honestly, I may just end up donating it if it takes too long and I want it out!).

I track all I donate with the ItsDeductible app, which now shows me I’ve donated items worth a total of $3,078.75 over the course of this year! (Not all of that is from the KonMari process, but most of it is.) The app estimates that it will save us about $770 on our taxes this year, which would be AWESOME. I’m actually aiming for $1000 – that would be so amazing! It’s only an estimate, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it really does help us out that much. YAY!

Next up: The dreaded “Paper” category…. Anyone else KonMari-ing? I highly recommend the Facebook groups (just search “KonMari” to find some) for some positive inspiration!


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