Ms. Mintly Does KonMari: Part 2

For Part 1 in this series, see this.

I alluded to how life-changing the KonMari process has been in my August 2015 recap post, and it’s no lie.

In Part 1, I described the clothing process, and I mentioned that I would show you my shoes! I wish I had a really excellent before picture, but you just gotta use your imagination to envision how cluttered and awful it was (plus, I had shoes in three different places in the house, because they simply didn’t fit anywhere else).


These are in my closet (please excuse the poor camera work here).


These shoes are in a bench at the foot of our bed, about 2 feet from the location in the closet pictured earlier.

After clothing and shoes, I also attacked purses and bags. I was able to get rid of a number of bags that I simply don’t use, but I held on to at least six purses/bags that I really do love. Now they are hung up in my closet and aren’t crowded on our coat rack that we have in our bedroom.

Now that it’s been over a month, I can honestly tell you that I have not gone back to my old ways of cramming clothing into drawers. In fact, a few benefits have been:

  • I have an outfit I change into every day after work (well, I do wash it), and then I hang it up before I change into my pajamas. It has a place (the coatrack in our room) and it’s not crumpled up anywhere. It’s very satisfying.
  • I end up not needing to do as much laundry as often, because I take the time to carefully fold them (or hang them up) if they aren’t dirty enough to wash. No longer do I just throw them on the bench at the end of the bed, thinking, “Well, I’ll wear them soon, so why put them away or hang them up?”
  • I truly feel joy when I open up my beautiful drawers and see everything arranged so nicely! (Don’t knock it ’til you try it, man!)

So, after clothes comes books.

I actually considered skipping this step, because I thought, “All of our books bring me joy!” I can’t lie, I also thought, “H will never let me get rid of any of these books, anyway….” But one night, H was out and L was asleep, and I thought, “Well, I’ll just see what books I might be willing to part with.”

Note: I did not follow Marie Kondo’s method here. She suggests (for all categories) that you pull out every single item in the category and put it on the floor (or wherever) to sort through. I did not pull off every book off of every shelf. I just didn’t, though someday I might (especially if I was going to be moving and wanted to re-do the process).

Books to sell and give away – don’t worry, the Legos aren’t going anywhere…

I ended up with six boxes worth of books! I surprised myself, and it surprised me still more when H came home and only pulled out about 10 total that he felt strongly enough about to keep. (Win!) I didn’t go through L’s books at all (all of her stuff is going to be tackled much later in this process, I’ve decided).


These books all boxed up and ready to go to make us some sweet, sweet $$!

We have 10 bookshelves in our house filled with books (and that doesn’t count the two that are just L’s books), so even six boxes of books leaving the house didn’t really make much of a visual impact.

Now, I couldn’t let these books go without at least trying to get some cold, hard cash for them. So I carted them down to my favorite used book store (which will give cash and store credit for them) and asked them to sort them and give me the best deal (meaning, cash first, store credit second).


Ready for the used book store! (With L helping, of course.)

They did not accept all of the books, but we did make $60.35 on the deal! And you know where that money went – right to Student Loan Debt Eradication, woot! The rest of the books I took right across the street to our friendly Goodwill, where I gratefully accepted a receipt so I can write off the donation on our taxes!

(Side note: Do you use ItsDeductible yet? It’s awesome!)

Next up: Jewelry (which I skipped in the clothing step, oops!), then Paper!

Is anyone else doing this process? I would love to hear your stories!


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