August 2015 Accountability

Welcome to the August 2015 Accountability & Budget Recap post!

August has been a whirlwind of school starting back up (which affects all of the members of our family, since H & I work in higher ed, and L is in 1st grade this year!), KonMari-ing, and, well, the KonMari has pretty much taken over my life for now…. A post is forthcoming about Part 2 in that experience!

Of course, I have to mention that our retirement funds (which I don’t include in our budgets or recaps) have been taking a beating, but we’re in it for the long-haul, so I try not to freak out about it.

This post is broken into two sections: Budget and Debt Eradication.

Budget Accountability for August 2015:

August Budget

August 2015 Budget


  • We did send a lot to Debt Eradication, which is nice, but there’s not much else to say that’s awesome about August….


  • We had to scramble to find childcare for our daughter during the days that H had to go back to work full-time (he’s off in the summers), but the public school hadn’t yet begun. That cost us a little more than I budgeted for, but it was a necessary evil.
  • We went over again on food. (I’m sounding like a broken record, I know, I know.)
  • Home Services was so high this month because of our issue with the lawn last month. All caught up now, though….
  • Our utilities/bills were higher this month because AT&T charged me for the July add-on I felt was necessary for our France trip, even though I never even turned it on. Oh, well. Peace of mind.

Total Debt Eradication for August 2015: $2,066

December 2014 - August 2015

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Debt Eradication:
  • $1206 extra payment sent to Loan 1 & Loan 2

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August 2015 Net Income: $1,459

Snowflaking: $430.55 (all of this went into our Student Loan Debt Eradication Fund – if it was prior to the middle of the month, it became part of the big supplemental payment we made; if it was after the middle of the month, it’s still hanging out in the account to be used in September)

  • $211.62 – leftover from our July paychecks (we snowflake any amount over $5000)
  • $75 – American Express Dollars (credit card points we earned and turned into a payment towards the balance on the card; the money we saved from doing that went directly to student loans)
  • $27.42 – Payment from Ebates! (<– referral link!)
  • $60.35 – consigning – cash from 6 boxes of books we consigned! (Again, KonMari to the rescue!)
  • $0.29 – interest income on our checking accounts
  • $43.67 – reimbursement from LL Bean (we returned L’s backpack from last year that didn’t hold up the way we had hoped – we had already purchased her a new backpack for this year)
  • $12.20 – direct payment from Gradible to our student loans (Gradible used to allow you to do tasks for “creds” that could be turned in for a payment towards your student loans; however, they have stopped providing that service and now just aim to help educate people on dealing with student loans, it seems.)

2015 Consigning Totals: 
I’m curious about how much we will make in one year by consigning our clothing and L’s old toys at my favorite consigning store (and any other sales, if I decide to participate). 
  • $0 (January)
  • $56 (February) – yeah!
  • $20 (March) – woot!
  • $80.31 (April) – yay!
  • $44.20 (May) – whee!
  • $20 (June) – woohoo!
  • $12.82 (July) – what what!
  • $60.35 (August) – wowie zowie! (can you see that I’m running out of imagination on my happy exclamations?)

2015 Consigning total so far: $293.68

2015 Mintly Snowflaking Goal Progress:

My goal originally was to snowflake at least $50 per month, for a yearly total of $600. As you can see, we’re doing better than that, so far:
  • $110.01 (January)
  • $929.75 (February)
  • $649.58 (March)
  • $534.50 (April)
  • $289.84 (May)
  • $273.91 (June)
  • $292.02 (July)
  • $430.55 (August)

2015 Snowflaking total so far: $3,510.16

To see more 2015 Mintly Goals, please click here.

Life Accomplishments this Month:

  • I’m really working hard to pare down our possessions and reorganize the things we do want to keep. I’m not joking when I say that, so far, the KonMari process has been changing my life!

TL;DR: Back to positive net income, still can’t stop spending on food because I haven’t developed an actual plan, and KonMari-ing the crap out of our house. It is awesome.

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