Mintly Budget Preview: June 2015

If you’d like more details regarding our monthly budget, please see my first 2015 Budget Post.

Welcome to the Mintly Budget Preview for June 2015!

Some info:

  • We use a zero-sum budget.
  • We get paid a little more than what I budget for – but I use that extra either to pay down unexpected expenses from the month before or I can snowflake it to Debt Eradication. Most month’s we’ve been able to stash it away in our Money Market account to build up before I send a lump payment to our Student Loans, and the same was true at the beginning of this month!

Note: This image is a screenshot from the Budget tab of my account on


June Budget Breakdown Total: $5050

(This month I’m only giving explanations on the areas that have changed from the previous budgets I’ve shared.)

Debt Eradication: Normally, this category includes the budgeted money we send to our student loans on top of the minimum payments. This month, we are holding on to these funds for a business purchase (outside of H’s regular business expenses). Anything leftover from the purchase will be sent over to our student loans.

Food & Dining: This month, we’re expecting my family to visit. I know that will involve eating out, and I want to be sure that we are able to pay for that. (Always assuming that my parents will buy us dinner is not nice, since we’re grown-ups. I mean, really. We should be paying for our own damn food.) I’ve separated our food budget now into $150 for eating out, and $450 for groceries. That brings our total back to $600. I may someday be able to effing fix what we’re doing with food spending, but I’m gonna say that now is not the time.

Bills & Utilities: Cell phone bill, Water, Electric, and Internet are included in this category. We’ve had such a decrease in our electric bill (haven’t turned on the A/C yet this year, woohoo!) that I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can keep this bill down for June, as well. We’ve been under our budget by about $80 the past two months, so I lowered this budget by $50, just to be safe.

Business Services: H will be out of town on a business trip for a week. He’ll be driving (but no hotel stay, and hopefully not a crazy amount of food spending), so I’m hoping that $250 is reasonable. By budgeting it in for the month, my hope is that when we are reimbursed, we can use the reimbursements for either savings or debt eradication!

Kids Activities: L’s piano lesson (only one more lesson for the school year!); ballet is on hiatus for summer, BUT she’ll be doing a week-long art camp this month ($100).

Slush Fund: This back up to $200 because last month was CRAZY in terms of unanticipated random expenses.

Babysitter & Daycare: L’s after-school care program only charges $35 for June, I think, but without being completely sure, I just said $50.

June Extra Funds: $39.01 – The money over $5000 from our paychecks went directly to our Student Loan Debt Eradication fund. (That will be reflected in our Snowflaking area of our May recap at the end of this month.) This is so low this month because I had to pay off some of our credit card bills from our extra expenses from last month.

Anyone with kids have any hints on how you know you’ve over-scheduled your kid for summer? We have some ideas for L this summer, but I don’t want her to be scheduled too much. On the other hand, my husband will be home with her and he may need as many breaks as possible! Advice would be appreciated. 🙂


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