April 2015 Accountability


Welcome to my April 2015 Accountability & Budget Recap post.

This post is broken into two sections: Budget and Debt Eradication.

Budget Accountability for April 2015:

April Budget


  • We managed to stay under budget all the way through the month! It wasn’t easy….
  • Gas came in way under budget.
  • Electricity was $90 this month, which is quite a drop from our usual $120, etc. Yay!
  • Our slush fund was only $100 to help account for the $300 I set aside for H’s business expenses, and we didn’t go over!


  • Food. Again. Next month, I’m going to buckle down and our budget is getting slashed!
  • I had to estimate for H’s business expenses this month, so although we went over, some of it will be reimbursed next month. It’s also good to have a sort of estimate of what a business-travel-heavy month might cost us up front.


  • H has another bit of traveling in May, so I need to figure out how to incorporate that in our budget.
  • I’m wondering if we can get away with some months of only $100 for our slush fund in the future when we don’t have to account for business spending. (That’s an extra $100 that could go towards Debt Eradication!)

Debt Eradication for April 2015: 

Click to embiggen


Debt Eradication:
  • $1,214.91 extra payment sent to Loan 1 & Loan 2

We shall see how it affects our payments in May (dealing with Navient isn’t always easy.)

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April 2015 Net Income: $1,758.32 (Technically, this number should be a bit lower, but some of the credit card payments I made on the 29th didn’t go through until May – I estimate we’re really more around $1,500 here.)

Snowflaking: $534.50 (all of this went into our Student Loan Debt Eradication Fund – if it was prior to the middle of the month, it became part of the big supplemental payment we made; if it was after the middle of the month, it’s still hanging out in the account to be used in May)

  • $322.25 – leftover from our March paychecks (we snowflake any amount over $5000)
  • $80.31 – consignment! – honestly, I’m not even sure what sold at such a high price, but I’m super glad it did!
  • $.08 – the friend I went to the beach with wrote me a check for her share of hotel bill, and she rounded up – every little bit helps!
  • $40 – H’s side hustle
  • $67.19 – a Mary Kay sale – an unexpected surprise!
  • $24.67 – I had an Amazon gift card balance, and instead of simply using it, I transferred the amount of money saved to our Student Loan Debt Eradication Fund – so it was like getting cash!

2015 Consigning Totals: 
I’m curious about how much we will make in one year by consigning our clothing and L’s old toys at my favorite consigning store (and any other sales, if I decide to participate). 
  • $0 (January)
  • $56 (February) – this was unusually high!
  • $20 (March) – woot!
  • $80.31 (April) – yay!

2015 Mintly Snowflaking Goal Progress:

My goal originally was to snowflake at least $50 per month, for a yearly total of $600. As you can see, we’re doing somewhat better than that, so far:
  • $110.01 (January)
  • $929.75 (February)
  • $649.58 (March)
  • $534.50 (April)

2015 Snowflaking total so far: $2,223.84

To see more 2015 Mintly Goals, please click here.

Life Accomplishments this Month:

  • I updated my resume and LinkedIn profile – that took way more work than I remembered!
  • I created a profile on Elance, but I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of putting together lots of proposals (without any experience or five-star ratings).
  • I applied for a job that would be work-from-home for about 20-25 hours a week for a month. I suspect I won’t hear anything, but at least I did finally apply for something!

I’ve just joined Gradible.com, where I’ve picked up a sort of “gig” doing transcription work through CrowdSurf. The idea is that any money I make from CrowdSurf should result in credits that I can redeem with Gradible to pay down our student loan debt. I started it pretty recently so haven’t been able to see how it will all shake out (will it be worth it?), but we’ll see! (I do already like it better than doing those silly surveys, since I never seem to get past the screening stage.) Anyone else use Gradible or CrowdSurf?

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