Navient, Again

As you may recall, I’ve had some struggles with paying more than our minimum payments on our student loans with Navient. In the interest of full disclosure, these are actually my husband’s loans (which are at a significantly higher interest rate than mine are).

I logged in to Navient earlier this month to pay a significant extra payment of $1,214.91. I waited until our minimum payment went through so more of our payment would go towards the principal (as opposed to paying more rapidly-accumulating interest). The last time I tried to pay an extra payment, our due date was advanced and I wasn’t given the option to make any choices about it.

I had better luck this time, which I suspect is because I made a payment more than twice the amount of our minimum payment.

Here’s what I saw when I logged in – note the payment due date of May 13th.


(Obviously, our payment on April 13th had already gone through.)

When I elected to make a new payment, I got this alert (which is the same one I received the last time, which is why I was confused at that point when our due date was advanced):


Here’s the new bit – they asked me how I wanted to apply the payment. This payment was more than twice our monthly minimums. The last time I tried to pay extra, I wasn’t given this option (remember this post?). This time I was, and I wonder if it’s because my extra payment is really that much higher?



I obviously selected the first option. According to what I’ve been told previously by a Navient agent, even though I now see this on our account:


… Navient will still do the automatic withdrawal on May 13th. Now, we wait.

Just in case you thought I’m the only one struggling with Navient, check this out: Navient Issues (Blogging Away Debt). You can also check out my previous Navient posts here, here, and here. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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