April 2015 Budget Check-In

Welcome to the April 2015 Budget Check-In!

Note: We use Mint.com to track our finances.

April Check-In

The Woohoo! Category includes:

  • Despite having only $100 for our slush fund this month, we’re not over it yet!
  • Gas spending is going very well, especially considering H drove for a business trip. We have a big more driving to do near the end of the month, but hopefully we’ll still make it under for the month.
  • Our electric bill came in and it’s only $91! That’s almost half the amount we were billed in February. Thanks, Spring!

In the Whoops! Category:

  • Food. Again. I’m thinking I’m going to end up with oatmeal for dinner for a number of days this month (while H is out of town). I do have the ingredients to make a huge pot of soup that I can live off for a number of days. We always buy apples and bananas (and we need milk and yogurt on hand), but I’m hopeful I can live off of what we already have. We may be eating smoothies for dinner one or two nights, as well….
  • The number for H’s business expenses budget was kind of a random stab – I really had no idea what it would cost. It looks like it wasn’t quite high enough. Incidentally, I didn’t actually leave enough in our checking account to cover that $300 in the budget – I plan to move money over from our sinking fund to cover it as needed, but I’m a bit disappointed that the costs are piling up so quickly. And H is gone now on his second of the three trips scheduled for the month. Some of the expenses will be reimbursed (food, we hope), but not all (gas). In my perfect world, expenses that would be reimbursed would all be reimbursed in the same month. It never, ever, ever works out that way.


  • The lawn guy has been twice this month, and I’m a bit nervous he’s going to try to come again (he never schedules it – just shows up on his own time). The grass is looking a bit long already after this second cutting so it probably will need it… but I may need to call him and just say, “No!”
  • We should get some reimbursements for H’s business expenses from the previous months… yay!
  • I spent some time updating my resume last night… as well as my professional website and LinkedIn profile. Tomorrow: actually applying for side hustles!

One more thing:


I went to the beach last weekend with only about a week’s notice. A friend contacted me and said she wanted to get away for the weekend, and it was when H was already going to be out of town. I asked if I could bring L, and she agreed, thankfully!

She drove, I bought gas on the way up (she got it on the way back), and we did spend money on food out. One of the best things about having a sinking fund is that I don’t actually feel bad about spending money on these kinds of things every once in a while. I didn’t build it into the budget because we do have some money aside in a “gift” fund. I decided this trip was a gift to me and L – and it went even better than I could have expected! L slept well (on an air mattress in the hotel room), the hotel was fantastic, we went in the ocean, played on the beach, and went in the indoor pool and hot tub when the weather outside wasn’t so great. It was only about a day and a half of beach-time, but totally worth it and great to have some quality time with my friend and L.

Plus, I may have another Money Conversation to share soon!

Have a great rest of the month, all… It’s going by crazy fast! 

2 thoughts on “April 2015 Budget Check-In

  1. Your Mint budget is so tidy! I can never get mind to be so tidy; most likely because I have so many categories. Our budget is also out of whack due to my husband’s business trips. We try to cover all the expenses out of the normal budget when possible so that the reimbursements can go straight to savings or debt.


    • I totally agree about covering the expenses out of the normal budget when possible, then sending those reimbursements directly to your goals! We have been able to do that sometimes, and it feels sooooo good (like we’ve tricked the system or something!).

      Usually we don’t have three business trips in the space of one month, which is what is killing us this time. We’re already over budget in the $300 business expenses category (according to Mint this morning), which means we’re going to be in trouble!

      The most frustrating thing about the business expenses is trying to keep up with what is going to get reimbursed, what won’t be reimbursed (to write off on our taxes), and what we were able to cover from our own account, and when we had to pull money out of savings until we get reimbursed. This is the ONLY situation when I don’t enjoy keeping such a close eye on our expenses! It makes me want to just say, “Whatever! It’ll work itself out!”


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