Well, they did it again! For the third time in a row! $%*$!

WHY WHY WHY can Navient not read?

They TELL you to send a letter that tells them how they should apply your payment, but when you DO, they IGNORE IT.

This is exactly what happened before the LAST time we sent Navient an additional payment. This is a huge part of the reason we transferred $6,000 of our student loan debt onto a credit card – so we could actually make payments exactly how and when we wanted to!

I sent them the additional payment of $2,800 (I mentioned the plan here) and sent them a letter much like I sent them at the end of last year. We wanted the payment to only be applied to one of the loans, not both. The last time, they not only mis-applied the payment (they spread it over both loans), they also advanced the due date, despite my saying TWICE in the letter that we didn’t wish them to advance the due date.

This time they didn’t advance the due date – so, yay…? That’s better than the last two times we’ve sent them extra payments via mail with letters (which is what they request on their website). However, they completely misapplied the loan again (splitting it between the two loans).


Why have me write a letter in the first place if you’re going to #%^* it up? Why not just have me make a payment online, then have me email you later to tell you how to apply it?

And that’s what makes me think… Perhaps they hope you won’t notice? They want you to be signed up for automatic debit (they hook you with the reduced interest rate) and then they’ll advance your due date every time you make an extra payment. Then your automatic payment won’t be taken out because they’ve advanced your due date, and you don’t notice. Then they’ve lost no interest by you paying an extra payment. I’m not saying it’s a policy or anything… but what do they really have to lose? We have no choice with whom we do business. There’s no reason for them to place particular emphasis on customer satisfaction.

@#$& that!


You know what? Let’s make it a hashtag!



P.S. I do now understand that any extra payment we send won’t be applied fully to the principal (which I didn’t understand the last time I swore this much about Navient), but I’m still mad about how hard they are to deal with in general.

P.P.S. #iwilldestroythesecollegeloans #threemoreyears #iwontletNavientwin

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