Hangin’ at the Library

Just wanted to post a little quickie here this afternoon…

I got four new books for Christmas (from my Amazon list, mostly):

  • The Ladies’ Paradise (Emile Zola) – read
  • The Fates Will Find Their Way (Hannah Pittard) – read
  • Reunion (Hannah Pittard)
  • The Bone Clocks (David Mitchell)

But what happened? I became reacquainted with our local library! Not only is it a super-nice (upgraded) library for a small town, they also have kid-friendly activities throughout the week. We can’t go most days, but the last two Fridays, I’ve taken L and we’ve gotten books out for her. This most recent time, I saw:

  • The Secret Place (Tana French)

I really enjoyed two of her previous books (Faithful Place and The Likeness) and thought, “Oh, boy! Why not?!”

Personal finance bloggers are always talking about what a great resource the library is… and they’re right (obviously). It’s put the other two books on my list on hold, but I’m excited to be reading every day again. I missed it!

Reading > Social Media — I’m already feeling better! (Plus, Faithful Place is excellent – highly recommended to all those who enjoy mysteries!)

Now if I could just start working out more consistently, I’d probably feel great…!

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