Little Wins

If you saw my January Check-In post from the other day, you know that we had to take a big chunk out of our checking account to pay down our credit card so we wouldn’t incur finance charges. (We’re waiting on a reimbursement to the card, but didn’t want to be paying any fees while we continue to wait! Ugh.)

Well, something else came through today to pad our checking account: I finally called about a weird transaction in our checking account for $43 that showed up earlier this month. It appeared to be related to my Southern Living magazine subscription (don’t judge) – but I did NOT remember signing up for another year at $43!

First I went to Southern Living’s website and determined that they had no subscription for us. What? I’m definitely subscribed – I’ve been getting it in my mailbox every month for the past year – what gives? So I thought maybe it was for Real Simple instead (which I adore). So I went to their site and canceled my subscription (I was a bit sad to do so, but I’m not paying for a $43 magazine subscription to ANYTHING). Turns out that I was only reimbursed $12. Hmmm. That didn’t add up either.

When I called our Credit Union to get some help, they realized that the long string of numbers in the transaction description was a phone number! (And they also said that if that didn’t work, they would pursue the matter as a wrongful charge! Sweet.)

They also found a charge from January 2014 for $5 to the same company. I remember now: I had signed up for a really cheap subscription (why else subscribe to SoLiv anyway?), but of course probably did not read the fine print about it automatically renewing at a CRAZY HIGH PRICE.

Finally got around to calling the number today and had to sit through a horrible automated answer system… but was able to ascertain that I had ordered Southern Living through them, and I was able to cancel it. They claim I’ll be reimbursed in one or two days (hmmm… nice! we’ll see if it happens…).

So, while I did enjoy receiving my two magazine subscriptions, I’m hoping I won’t really notice their absence. And that’s a total of $55 back in our pockets!

If the reimbursement comes through, I’ll be able to snowflake that to our Student Loan Debt Eradication fund… if it doesn’t, it will just sit in our checking account for the remainder of the month so we can get as close as possible to not having to pull from our emergency fund!

Lesson learned: If you sign up for a great deal on a magazine subscription, set a reminder on your calendar for a year’s time to cancel your subscription… or shop around for another good deal!

Anyone else cancel all your magazine subscriptions? Do you miss them?


3 thoughts on “Little Wins

  1. When I first moved out of my parents house and into an apartment with R, his mom (at her address), suddenly started receiving Southern Living and Reader’s Digest, addressed to me. I’ve never signed up for any magazines, and it creeped me out a bit, especially given I had never used their address before! At least you had signed up for it… but it’s a strange coincidence!

    Glad you caught the charge and were able to get the money back. That’s always nice!

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  2. Oooooh, autorenewals can be so perfidious! Glad you caught this one AND got it refunded. Last year I forgot and was two days late canceling an autorenewal and couldn’t get the $$ back. So I definitely made sure to cancel that one before it rolled around again 🙂 I let most of my magazine subscriptions lapse years ago, actually; I’d like to resubscribe to The New Yorker but it’s expensive so I’ve been putting it off. I do get a free subscription to Martha Stewart via my mom (who gets a free gift subscription with hers every year and passes it along to me.) I enjoy that, but I wouldn’t pay for it, probably 🙂


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