Want More From Mint.com?


Mint Quick View! GET IT

I don’t profess to be a Mint.com guru, but I stumbled upon two helpful things today and I wanted to pass them along!

1. This Thread on Reddit – I found this when I was trying to figure out why Google Chrome doesn’t seem to want to load my transactions. (Firefox works fine, but I use Chrome for everything else, so it’s a little bit inconvenient. #firstworldproblems) The thread is titled “What are your Mint.com tips, tricks, and hacks?” I didn’t get through the entire thread (!) but through it, I discovered this:

2. There’s a Mac App! It’s called Mint.com Quick View. Once you download it, it hangs out in the background and gives you a “quick view” (….as you might have guessed) of your finances. AWESOME. It updates about every 4 hours (unless you tell it otherwise). Go to the App Store on your Mac and do a search. Sorry, PC Users, I don’t have an equivalent. Anyone know of one? I couldn’t easily find information about either the Quick View app or any PC equivalent on Mint.com.


Side note: check out all the crazy spending we’ve done this month! At least it makes for a pretty pie chart….

There’s a lot more to find on that Reddit thread (including this awesome Chrome Add-On to help you narrow things down by transaction date) – let me know what YOU find!

P.S. Mint.com totally doesn’t pay me for this – but you knew that, right?

P.P.S. We did NOT spend $90 at Shell – that’s their holding amount they always “charge” until the actual charge goes through. It always messes with my budget, though, for at least a few days.

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