Net Income Changes

While I don’t make a big deal out of tracking our net income on Mintly, I do use it often. Net worth is important, but when I’m looking for ways in which we are improving our financial fitness, I look at our net income!

Check out our lifetime net income (on, that is…. and we only started to accurately track it in the summer of 2011, it looks like):

Net Income (All Time)

You can see that we were living mostly in the red for quite a long time. Part of that was buying our house in 2011 and the costs we incurred with that, but it was looking at this chart that made me realize how big a change we needed to make in the way we approach our finances.

Here’s last year’s net income:

Net Income: 2013


Not great, but an improvement on all months being in the red! One take-away I get from this is that although we got money back fro our taxes in February/March, it really didn’t balance out our spending.

And this year’s net income (though take December with a grain of salt, because although I have every confidence that we’ll end the month in the “green,” we haven’t gotten there yet!):

Net Income 2014


September 2014 was a big month, because we got the money from our house, but we didn’t even need September’s boost to be in the green every month!

Another reason this 2014 Net Income chart makes me happy is because I had a well-paying side hustle from February through July, and I was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to stay in the green once I transitioned from being a full-time teacher and part-time side hustler to my new full-time job (for which I earn less than before). Plus, moving is a huge expense, and while we saved up for it, I knew all of that money would be flying out of our account, which would bring down our net income for the month in September.

We had a few months where it was a close call, but it’s ALL in green! Even if this isn’t a formal goal for us, it is a huge part of tracking our financial progress and success for me.

I’d like to add that while we took in more than we spent, all of that “green” (ha ha) almost all gets turned around and sent right back out to Debt Eradication, which I count as “transfers” in Mint, not “spending.” In other words, things almost always end up pretty tight at the end of the month, even though the chart above might indicate that we’re raking in the dough.

What ways do you track your financial awesomeness?


4 thoughts on “Net Income Changes

  1. That’s awesome! What a difference a year makes! Congrats on being in the green! Every! Month! YAY! 🙂

    We track our long term progress through our net worth. We track it twice a year, over the past three years. We will be figuring out our net worth here in the next couple of weeks… I think it’s doubled if not close to tripled from where we started three years ago. It is so much fun to see the big number go up and up! 🙂

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

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