Budget Craziness

Here it is, already November 5th, and I still haven’t gotten our budget for November worked out! This was the month I was planning to start sharing that information with the PF blogosphere, and it now all sorts of things are keeping me from sitting down and straightening it out.

I had drafted a tentative November 2014 budget at the end of last month, but was waiting for a few things to go through on our credit cards and waiting to see if people cashed their checks I wrote, and I haven’t been able to make the time to go back and tweak it. The worst part is, the longer I wait, the more things change with money, and I keep making notes in Evernote that I’ll need to take into account when finalizing our budget for the month.

It’s got to happen today, though, because tomorrow is the Book Fair at L’s school, and she really wants to take money in to buy a book (or more!). I’ve told her she can, but I have to figure out how much we can give her to take….

This week has been crazy at work, too…. hopefully at some point I’ll have things in shape and can not only post a November budget, but post how October went as well. I’m presenting at a conference this weekend, though, so that will take up most of my free time in the evenings as I prepare for it this week.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! (Me? I forgot my lunch at home. Siiiiiiigh……)

4 thoughts on “Budget Craziness

    • My husband and I were trying to figure out when was the earliest we attended book fairs… I think I remember one in 4th grade or something. At least I remember being sent with money and I could add and subtract myself, so I knew what I could spend. Sending L with money today and a note to her teacher makes me nervous – I mean, what teacher wants to work with 25 individual kindergarteners to help them figure out how much they can spend? Ugh. Book fairs should be AWESOME, not stressful. I don’t know how elementary school teachers do it!

      And thanks for the good wishes for the coming weekend – really hoping it comes off smoothly, and then I can move on. 🙂


      • Kindergarten?! Oh wow. I definitely don’t think our book fairs started that early. My parents have a picture of me going one year – it happened to coincide with Halloween. I think I was in 2nd grade, but parents were allowed to come with us, so I had to run all my purchases by my mom. =) That poor teacher!

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