If You Ask Me If We’re Unpacked Yet, a Fairy Will Lose Its Wings (Or: We Close on Our House Today!)

What I have learned from the past week: I am not as young as I once was. It is easy – nay, fun! – to move when one is 24. 10 years (and one child) later, it is not so easy. I really thought we had gotten rid of so much stuff that it wouldn’t be so bad, but I was so wrong.

The worst part was that I got sick three days before Moving Day. I haven’t been that sick in a long time. I don’t ever remember having a 103 fever and just sitting around the house all day, not being able to do anything. I didn’t even watch Netflix. I just drank tea and water and slept. And the boxes did not get packed.

In any case, we did move on Saturday, and I am a bit sad about leaving our huge, beautiful home to move to a smaller, darker, older home. However, we’ve been consistently reminding ourselves that rent will be about $600 cheaper monthly than our mortgage! (I say about $600, because home insurance was rolled into that mortgage, and we’ll be paying renter’s insurance separately now, and there are a few other services that we’ll be incurring here that we didn’t where we lived before. More to come when I know how that all shakes out!)

A friend brought over a pumpkin pie (made from a pumpkin from her own garden!), so that definitely was a bright spot in the whole experience, but I do hope we won’t be trying to move in another year. I don’t think we could handle it.

Now, onto the exciting news! We close on our house today at 4, barring anything else that could get in our way! If you hear cheering and cork-popping around 5 pm, that’s us, celebrating! (Except that I still probably shouldn’t drink alcohol, on account of getting over the sickness.)

We don’t know exactly how much we’ll come away with after we pay the real estate agents, the lawyers, and any other residual fees. We are not paying for the buyers’ closing costs, so at least that won’t come out of our check. We estimate it could be anywhere between $4,000 to $8,000. It will all go into the savings fund for a mortgage, though I’m not sure we’ll keep it in our regular savings fund forever. We might move it to a place where it could earn us a little more money, but that’s an investigation for another day. (Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, hmm? A lesson I’m constantly learning.)

Honestly, as a friend pointed out, we were only in the home for about 3 1/2 years, and to do better than break even is pretty stellar.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

– M.

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