Moving Costs, Part 1

Moving Costs, Part 1

How much does it cost to move to a new home an hour away?

Of course, there are as many answers to this as there are people asking this question. The best I can do is give you the down-low on what we’ve encountered so far, as well as some unexpected expenses along the way.

Tomorrow is moving day, and here’s how it breaks down so far for us:

Cost of the Literal Act of Moving:

  • Movers with Their Own Truck ($160/hour): estimated $1600 (because I’d rather estimate on the high side)
  • Rent and Deposit for the new rental: $1600
  • Total: $3200

Cost of the Preparation for Moving:

  • Boxes (purchased from Home Depot): $33.81 (so far – we’re getting more today)
  • Buying more fast food that’s easy to eat (no prep required!) as we have been packing (We got Papa John’s THREE TIMES since August 20th. That’s not good, not good at all!): ~$100
  • Spending money on gas going to Goodwill and the consignment store (the latter is about 25 minutes away): ~$80
  • MY HEALTH: I turned myself into such a stressball that my body could not fight off some awful bug and I had a temperature of 103 two nights ago. It’s a low-grade fever now, but I had to take two days off from work and I’ve barely accomplished anything to prep for moving!
  • Total: ~$225

Costs Directly Related to Moving:

  • Opening a PO Box and renting it for a year: $54 (welcome to Small Town Living)
  • Deposit to get water turned on: $100
  • Renter’s Insurance: $50 (deposit and first month’s premium)
  • Purchasing the remaining propane in the tank (which we will only use in case of emergencies – anyone else heard about the crazy winter in store this year?): $170
  • Hiring cleaners to clean our house after we move out, before the new owners do their walk-through: estimated at $100 (I had planned to come back to the house on Sunday, the day after we move, so that I could clean the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, etc., but now that I’ve been sick, I know that I will not be able to do that – not unless I want to put myself out of commission for an entire week. I would have liked to save this money, but I decided it wasn’t worth my health to have to worry about this!)
  • Getting internet set up (we haven’t done this yet, because we can’t seem to figure out which company to go with – there are no good options in Small Town)
  • Total (so far): $474

Estimated Total: $3899 WHAAAAAAT

I had only planned about $3200 for our Moving Fund (which we only just reached at the end of August), so this is a bit over budget. But hallelujah, we actually did manage to save this much, so we’re not going to be having to go into more debt for this! (This would certainly not have been the way we would have handled this a couple of years ago!) I’m really hoping that the movers can get us moved in under 10 hours, so we might be able to come in under cost, but I also have been categorizing some of these moving costs under our regular budget items, like Bills & Utilities, Food, etc.

Are our movers charging a reasonable amount? They got great reviews on Angie’s List, and we are excited that they are “Green” movers who will take care of trash responsibly as well as recycle when at all possible. However, it would be cheaper for us to move ourselves… but after a certain age, it seems like maybe we shouldn’t be asking our friends to come over and move our furniture for us.

I’ll be back soon (I hope) with an update on our moving costs. Until then, send some positive vibes our way!

– M.

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