Under Contract?

We appear to be under contract on our house! The buyers are the first people who saw our place and while we’re not entirely convinced that the deal is a sure thing, we’ve negotiated and signed a contract. We’re very hopeful that everything will go through, and they have until August 31 to pull out of the deal without losing their due diligence money. 

This means we can go looking at rentals! 

I seriously have no idea how to navigate this with a potential landlord….

“Well, we’re under contract, they have until August 31 to pull out of the deal… is it okay if we wait until September 1st while we’re moving our stuff in to sign a lease?”


In other news, though, my new job said that they are willing to give me a MacBook for my work computer! I was originally scheduled for a Windows-based laptop, and I emailed IT and asked if there was any way it could be changed to a MacBook. They said that it probably wouldn’t work, because they already had the Windows laptop there and were getting it ready to go. However, I got another email today saying that my request was approved! Until the MacBook comes in, I’ll be using the Windows one, but that is OKAY. You know why?! Because our current MacBook Pro (our only home computer) is giving us these battery warnings and isn’t doing so hot on running more than a couple of programs at a time. This means we won’t have to replace the battery or buy a new machine ourselves!!! SO EXCITED!!! So, let’s just say we went crazy when we bought a new computer…. It could have cost us $1200! LOOK HOW MUCH WE’RE SAVING. Sweet deal.

What is new in your lives, PF’ers? Anyone else reaping the benefits of a new job right now?


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