I Can’t Go to Target Whenever I Want

It’s very surreal to see our house on Zillow.com – again. The first time it was listed for sale there was when we were looking for homes! (We bought the house from its first owners.) I love a lot of things about where we live now – it’s a city in the best kind of sense: not too difficult to drive around (I’m finally figuring it out after about 4 years…), great restaurants, good library, people, fun things to see and do, and – as I always say – I can go to Target if I need to. Small City is awesome like that.

Not that I go there that often. But seriously, as I told people when we moved away from Small Town we hope to move back to (see here), just knowing I could go to Target if I wanted meant a lot to me. I don’t care for small towns, in general. I like knowing that people are around, and that I have the freedom to go when I want to go!

I also like having more options than just a crappy Ingles and Walmart.

On the other hand, I’m telling myself that we’ll save money. (This is probably just an excuse, as – again – I don’t go to Target that often, because we’ve been on a budget for a while, and I hardly go to said places.) We will not be able to get pizza delivered, though – that may save us $20 a month alone!

(This is all dependent on the house actually selling and us finding a place to live in Small Town, of course.)

But will I throw myself a Pity Party for moving to Small Town? No! Not only do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, but I have also built myself a safety net! I had signed L up for ballet (this will be her third year!) at a ballet school in Small City. Not only will she get to see her best friend (since they were 3) once a week since they’ll be in the same class, I can go to Trader Joe’s, Target, or anywhere else I decide I need to go. ONCE A WEEK. This is pretty much my regular Small City shopping schedule anyway!

We factored in the gas cost for this kind of travel (actually, we factored in 5 trips to Small City a month), so when we are able to move, we know that we can do this comfortably within our (admittedly small) budget.

I’m sure as the year progresses, I’ll have more musings on Small Town vs. Small City living, but this is what has been going through my mind at the moment.

That, and I’m super excited to be embarking on basically a whole new career – scary, but we know it’s the right thing to do.

Well, readers… do you have any tips for moving from city living to town living?


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