In Which I Gloat about My New AT&T Bill


I got our email notice about our AT&T bill today – and it’s $77.13! That’s almost a $50 change from our previous months’ bills!

It all came about because of reading fantastic personal finance blogs and getting inspired to really take a harder look at our cell phone data usage. I’m not yet willing to jump onto the Ting or Republic Wireless plans yet, but this was a fantastic step for our finances.

I went with the new plan AT&T has with a much lower data allotment (well, anything would be much lower, as I had unlimited data on my iPhone 5! – no wonder they made the price drop so low). Last month, we barely even used a quarter of our allotment, which is 2GB.

While I wish I could say that I’ll immediately allocate that $50 to debt eradication, the problem is that I took a hard look at our food and grocery spending. We are always over budget on our food spending. Whether it’s reimbursable business expenses or not, it’s hard to see the red line (indicating overspending) on Mint every month. Someone had recommended to me that I revisit that budget, so I did, and I’ve raised it by $50. This will be a little more reasonable. We may still find ourselves with extra at the end of the month, which will be snowflaked right to our car loan until that sucker is GONE.

Super excited about the awesome benefits we’re getting from our new phone plan.

Anyone else moved to the new AT&T plans or another cell phone company and gotten your first bill? How much are you saving now?

Have a great weekend!

– M.

7 thoughts on “In Which I Gloat about My New AT&T Bill

  1. No, my unlimited data on my AT & T plan is the ONE thing I have put my foot down about. If I get get unlimited data I don’t want any other plan. I listen to documentaries and stuff on youtube while I am at work when it’s slow or I am not on the phone. We’ve cut so much everywhere else, I refuse to let go of that one luxury! 😦


    • Well, it certainly sounds like it’s useful! People who aren’t really using all of their data should consider moving down to a cheaper plan, but if you’re really using that unlimited data, then you should keep it and never let it go! 🙂


  2. That is awesome! We just got our first AT&T bill with our reduced data and we didn’t even use half of our allotment. Plus, b/c of all the credits we got for the previous month and my corporate discount, it ended up being $54!! next month will be closer to $90, but still – it’s a $45 savings for us so I TOTALLY get your excitement!!

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