Phone Bill Finagling

So, I saw another blogger* post about her change to of the new AT&T Mobile Share plans…. and her post prompted me to make the change as well. I had been considering it for a while, but like her, I have had the Unlimited Data forever. It’s been kind of hard to think of giving that up. On the other hand, over the past few months I’ve been monitoring our usage. I’m still a little worried that I’m somehow miscalculating and that we could end up going horribly over our limit, but AT&T itself indicated that we’re using well under 1GB per month. That includes all of my GPS-ing when I’m in the car (not using wireless), which is what I’m most afraid of losing by not having unlimited data.

However, I never stream videos on my phone and I don’t use music-streaming apps, either. I do check FB, Feedly, Tumblr, etc., but usually when I’m on wireless.

I had been considering a switch to Republic Wireless or Ting or any other really cheap cell phone plan, but I was loathe to give up my iPhone. Yes. I know. This is at least a compromise. Still definitely more expensive than going all the way down to one of the cheaper companies, but at least this way we get unlimited talk & text and I’ll still be able to iMessage and I feel like there’s a cushion.

It looks like our bill will decrease by about $30. It could be more, depending on how H’s business discount of 15% comes into play! The overall plan is $90 before that discount. It went into effect today, but our bill won’t change until May.

I plan to snowflake whatever we save to the car loan. Every little bit helps!

Anyone out there using Republic Wireless or made a change to your cell phone plan to save money?

– M.

* I can’t find the blog, the post, or anything, even though I’m sure I bookmarked it in Feedly. This has happened to me more than once. Anyone else have this problem?!

EDIT!: I found it! It was MBA Mom on a Mission. Whew.


6 thoughts on “Phone Bill Finagling

    • I have “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical playing through my head now… maybe I’ve watched it one too many times with my students. 😉 But I still feel like it applies. It’s great to have a support system online who cheers everyone on!


    • Actually, I finally did find it! You’re right – I had to find it through WordPress. It was MBA Mom on a Mission (I edited the post to put the link in above).

      Congrats on avoiding lifestyle inflation. 🙂


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