Making It Work

An update on our financial decisions for April….Image

H & I talked last night and determined what we will do with my first side hustle paycheck. I’m disappointed that we had so many expenses we weren’t prepared for, but so it goes. We were left with significantly less money than I anticipated for the car loan, but I do have hopes that if we can be careful for the rest of the month, we’ll have money left over at the end and we can get some money for H’s gigs this month. Not sure how we will allocate those, but ideally they will go into the sinking/savings fund and to the car loan. I still have high hopes of someday being able to add to my Roth IRA. (Is it weird to sigh wistfully when I think of that day?)

The paycheck: $1380

Some went to H’s business expenses: $435
Some went to L’s activities: $130
Some went into savings (otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to contribute any sinking funds this month): $450
The rest went to CC payments: $35, $235, $334
(numbers have been rounded)

$125 to the Car Loan (all that was left)

Well, we certainly would be in a worse position now if I hadn’t been making that money. So…. that’s a good thing? Geez. Although we’ve been trapped having to put charges on the credit cards, at least we’ve been in a position to pay them off each month.

I’m hopeful that the extra income from H’s side gigs will be a nice chunk of change to balance out these extra expenses, and we should also be getting a reimbursement check from H’s work, which will help quite a bit. I’d love to put all of that towards the car payment, as we just want to SEE IT GO. Then I can turn my beady eyes to the 6K student loan at 8+% interest…..

Have a great week, everyone!

– M.

P.S. This isn’t an April Fool’s post, but I love this one via Mr. Money Mustache


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