The reason I’ve been missing in action: March has not been kind to us!

We’ve had expected expenses come up (but they’ve been more expensive than we were expecting) and a few unexpected expenses, as well. Some of the expenses I have been able to cover with our Savings / Sinking Debt fund (as they were planned and accounted for), but some of the expenses will have to sit on our credit card until we get paid so that I am sure I can cover the expenses from our checking account.

We’ll need to decide whether it’s worth it to transfer more money from our shares account (the sinking fund account, that is) to avoid credit card fees (and I just hate having a balance on any of our credit cards!) or if we should not touch the money in that account because it’s all earmarked for other things….

Any advice for us?

I will be glad to see the backside of this month!

– M.

2 thoughts on “Discouragements

  1. I’m sorry March has been so annoying for you!! You will get through it no matter how you pay for it. It’s only money. I don’t know your details so its hard to say what you should do. Right now, for me I am trying extremely hard to not use credit cards FOR ANYTHING! I’d have to say use the cash you have on hand to pay off the expenses don’t let them sit on the credit cards.

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    • That’s my inclination, too! I’m going to go into more detail in our March monthly round-up, when I have more time. Thanks for the advice. It might help me take the plunge on that. CC debt is the worst!


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