Side Hustle Update!-Good things happen to those who

Two days ago I went to meet with the Important People Who Tell Me What To Do at my new part-time gig. I was a little nervous, because I just wasn’t sure how many hours I was really going to be asked to work (were they going to split my job with someone else who could actually be on-site sometimes, since I can’t?) and what I was going to be asked to do (would it be exactly what was said or would there be extra things involved?). Forgive the poorly-written sentence, but I guess that does demonstrate how jumbled my thoughts have been. Very excited, but a little worried.

Well, it turned out pretty much the best I could have hoped for, so I feel extremely fortunate.

Here’s the deets:

Job Title: Instructional Design Specialist (woot woot!)
Job Description: Compare online courses to a checklist to determine if they are meeting the standard (Well, the job description itself is fancier than this, but this is really what they are having me do)
Hours/week: up to (but not exceeding) 25
Pay: $20/hour (before taxes, of course)

So, it’s really hard not to get hung up on how much money I could make if I actually worked 25 hours a week. I mean, wow. Even after taxes, wow!

However, it won’t be until the end of March until I see a paycheck. That seems like a long time to wait… but I can be patient (uh, when forced to be so).

The committee did not choose to split the position with someone else who could be on-site. It sounds like they’ve just asked someone who already does that type of thing to do the face-to-face meetings… or maybe they’re really not anticipating any face-to-face meetings much at all. In the end, I’ve been approved for up to 25 hours a week, which is fantastic. Of course, I had told them that 20 hours was pretty much what I could probably handle (on a good week), so I’ll have to be careful not to get too caught up in this and lose all of our family time to earning this money.

My goal is still to have a regular work day (including taking L to lessons in the afternoons, eating dinner together, getting her to bed), and THEN start the side-hustle work. I’d like to spend about 2-3 hours a night on this, and then make up the rest of the time on the weekends.

The Important People Who Tell Me What To Do are also not really sure about how much time I’ll need to evaluate each course (this is a totally new thing they’re doing), so it could be kind of nebulous for the first month. I told them that I expected the first courses to take longer to evaluate, but that I should probably pick up speed as I go.

I will keep track of my hours on an excel sheet, then send it along to my supervisor weekly. Seems like a pretty easy way to do it, but I do feel a tiny bit anxious about making sure I’m very accurate about tracking that time. I don’t want them to ever feel the need to question my logged hours. There’s an optional section on the spreadsheet where I can describe what I did during the time logged, which I plan to do, though it will get repetitive very quickly. Better to be safe than sorry, in my opinion.

Has anyone else done telecommuting work where you track your hours like this? Do you have any advice for me?

In extra awesome news, they seem to fully expect that this job will continue throughout the summer and even into next year, so….. SWEET. I haven’t had a summer job for a while (since we travel a lot in the summers to see family), and this is a job that can travel with us.

So far, I’ve only had two courses to review, and it took me about two hours to review the first one, since I wanted to be sure I didn’t mess anything up. I sent it on to my supervisor and will hopefully hear what she thinks of the layout and content of my comments.

I’m still waiting to be allowed access to other courses I can review – my job will rely on others opening access to courses, and if I don’t have access, I simply won’t get that many hours put in. We’ll see how it all shakes out in the next couple of weeks.

In other awesome news: 

Um, my parents have just scheduled a week-long beach vacation for us this summer! My mom and I love going to the beach but haven’t been in years and years (savin’ that cash), but this year she just decided she wanted that vacation and she was going to BOOK IT. So, we looked at some places last night online, and then all of the sudden, it was settled and decided and we’re going on vacation! Something to look forward to, especially as my fingers are pretty damn cold while I’m typing this.

Okay, do you want to hurt me now, since I’m sharing all of this good news? Are you staring at this, thinking black thoughts? If so, I apologize. Last year totally sucked for our family (well, not totally, but it was a lot harder than we thought it would be – family, finances, jobs, etc.). I’m reveling in this new start and I’m still kind of spinning around like Mary Tyler Moore in the opening credits.

Thank you to my (small number of) readers, for being willing to come along with me on this journey to eradicate our debt!

– M.

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