Side Hustle Interview!

GUYS GUYS GUYS-Good things happen to those who

I got called on Thursday about that side hustle I’ve mentioned here and there…. I had almost given up hope, since I applied back in November, and while I had called and emailed various people at the institution, I hadn’t heard back AT ALL. Like, not even a courtesy email saying that the hiring committee hadn’t met yet, or even had already met but had shredded my application.

This side hustle would be something I could (supposedly) do after we get L to bed at night. That time of night is generally reserved for doing surveys in front of Netflix with H… but it could be much more lucrative if I spend it in front of the laptop doing work and getting paid $20 an hour (before taxes)!

There’s a small chance that the job isn’t telecommuting, but I decided instead of calling back and asking, I’d just take this interview and use it as practice, at the very least. At the most, I might end up convincing them to make it telecommuting if it isn’t already. (Why the confusion about telecommuting vs. not? Well, I spoke with a woman who told me about the job back in November, and she said that the job could definitely be done as a telecommuting position with very flexible hours, but who knows what might have happened in 3 months?)

So, my interview is Monday at 10 am and I’m going to spend some time this afternoon and tomorrow prepping.

Any suggestions for me for my interview? I welcome any and all advice!

– M.


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