Interviewing Strategy

There is a slight possibility that I might get an interview for a side hustle – more on that later, perhaps? – and I was perusing Ramit Sethi’s site where I found this post: “If Nobody Teaches You This, How are You Supposed to Know?”

I usually don’t like watching videos on the internet (though I’ll look at gifs and words all day long), but I made myself watch this one because I thought it might come in handy. Plus, it’s short (~4 minutes). If I get the phone call for the interview, I will certainly use this storytelling technique. I have done just about all I can do to secure an interview for this job – I hope I am just on this side of “actively interested,” rather than “incessantly contacting” the organization.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed to see if I get the opportunity to try this technique….. Or this one!


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